We make smart, straightforward motion graphics and 2D animation in our small Bucharest studio.

who dis

A bunch of people who couldn’t find a place to fit in so they created one.
One foggy 2018 spring morning, we’ve left the comfort of our home desks and worn-out pajamas and set up shop in a quaint little house in the bad part of town. Since then, we’ve filled our days with a blend of motion graphics, watered down coffees — we always forget the milk — and late night dinners.
We like to believe that the work we’ve put out since is clean, straightforward and with no unnecessary fluff — as are we.

don't hire us

We apologize for our poor-attempt at humor. We don’t mean it — do hire us.


Drop a call, email or simply drop by.
Ioana — ioana.negrea@mundus.tv
Tudor — (+40) 740 946 206